“The prayer of the rosary emerges out of the need to look upon Jesus through Mary’s eyes. It is an instrument for living with Jesus, contemplating Him and immersing yourself in Him, it is the breath of the soul…it is a tool that can instil Love, Joy and Peace.”

We can produce all types of rosaries: classic, special and customised.

We use beads made from different materials: plastic, metal, imitation mother-of-pearl, real mother-of-pearl, resin, hard stones, glass, crystal, waxed pearl, pressed pearl, inexpensive wood, imitation coconut, olive and walnut.

Some of the beads are made in-house, such as our silver-plated, gold-plated or simply coloured plastic rose, available in various sizes. The beads can be made in any colour, in a variety of shapes: round, multi-faceted, oval, cube, teardrop and other irregular shapes.

We assemble the rosaries by hand using thread or silver-plated or gold-plated brass hooks. We use brass welded or diamond-cut chains. The beads can be put together individually or coupled with small rings, with double or “eternal bond” (legatura eterna) fastenings.

We can apply various finishes, including the enamelling of the cross, the centrepiece and the pater beads.